Justeker® Brand

was founded by Savoia Luca in 2019, a young stylist who has a special vision: to combine his three strongest passions:: Fashion – Motors – Nautical 

Esperienza e knowhow

After his studies, Luca began to gain experience in a knitwear company, using technologically highly advanced machinery, being able to follow the entire supply chain from the choice of yarn to the creation of the finished garment. The challenge was to combine his passions in a single result: Fashion – Motors – Nautical. The initial goal he set for himself was to create his own fashion collection. From here a collaboration was born with an established brand of inflatable boats, thus being able to begin to combine his passions

Launch od the brand

We begin to materialize the work that has been maturing in Luca’s ideas for years by exposing to the various boat show of Genoa, Venice and Bologna. This is only the first step of a journey that promises to be very long made of dedication to work, passion and innovation

Justeker, Luca Savoia is live from the Venice International Boat Show. Justeker presents the brand new collection of shoes and clothing tried on by Piras, the famous Nonsolomare.TV journalist who you can also see on Sky
Justeker, video spot on the display of shoes, clothing and dinghies at the 2022 Venice International Boat Show
Justeker, interview at the 2022 Venice International Boat Show. Justeker exhibits the brand new collection of shoes and clothing as well as representing the well-known brand of inflatable boats SPX RIB

How the products are created

The line  covers a vast range ranging from sweaters to fabric shoes in which Luca has real expertise. All the models are the result of a study and an exclusivity that highlights their value. They are based on a high level of craftsmanship which starts from the sketch, from the study and design, from the choice of yarns, from weaving with the latest technology machinery, from cutting, from packaging to the finished product ready for sale. All taken care of in the smallest details. All the embroideries and logos are not printed but done on site during the weaving. This expands the creation times of the garment, increasing its value

Test and inspection before moving on to production

All the fashion products that Luca creates are exclusively and entirely designed, assembled and tested in Italy, including the creation of the first prototypes. After the trials and tests we move on to the production which is carried out for some models abroad and for other models in Italy with 100% Made in Italy. This is definitely an added value that Luca can boast..
To ensure the highest levels of quality, all the finishes and materials of the products are treated in detail. The production processes are based on a high level of craftsmanship ensuring a reduction of waste with constant attention to sustainable production

Custom orders and products

Luca proposes to create personalized collections as well as create his own collections that will be present in the various fairs and here in the Shop section. Luca wants to underline the fact that each model will be made in limited numbers, giving the possibility of being able to wear an exclusive garment


Justeker aims to sell its products in many countries outside Italy starting from 2024


Il marchio

Justeker® nasce nel 2020 da Savoia Luca, un giovane stilista che ha una visione speciale: unire le sue tre passioni più forti: Moda – Motori – Nautica.